world jukebox

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A compilation of favorite songs from different places on the globe.  (Note that many of these are not official videos, but fan-assembled compilations of still images… sorry.  The music is still there though.)

Khumbula (South Africa), “Sibali”

Tribalistas (Brazil), “Carnavália”

Ali Farka Touré and Toumani Diabaté (Mali), “Gomni” (also check this one)

Sara Tavares (Portugal), “One Love” (also check this one)

Rodrigo y Gabriela (Mexico), “Diablo Rojo”

Yungchen Lhamo (Tibet), “Happiness Is…”

Tinariwen (Mali), “Amassakoul”

Yothu Yindi (Australia), “Tribal Voice”

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan (Pakistan), “Sweet Pain”

Ulali (Native American), “Wah Jhi Le Yihm”

Angélique Kidjo (Benin), “Babalao”

Idan Raichel (Israel), “Mima’amakim”

Rachid Taha (Algeria), “Barra Barra”

Mediaeval Baebes (UK), “The Snake”

Keali’i Reichel (Hawaii), “E O Mai”

random song o’ the moment

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“Bring It On” by Seal

the wall between us all must fall

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…is a line from a 1993 Living Colour song, and a sentiment that was likely on the minds of many Germans when the Berlin Wall finally did fall, 20 years ago today.  The anniversary is being noted by newsoutletsall… over… theworld.  If you get a chance, check out the excellent movie The Lives of Others, which deals with the spying that the East German Stasi did on its own citizens prior to reunification.  Today, Germans can request to review any files that the Stasi compiled on them, which is no doubt a chilling experience.

And an interesting computer science problem, it turns out.  The Stasi made a hasty attempt to destroy many of their records through shredding and old-fashioned ripping paper up by hand.  Software is now being used to recreate the original documents from scanned images of the pieces.

Meanwhile, the fall of the wall and the demise of Communist governments across Eastern Europe inspired a lot of optimism in early 1990s music.  Classics include:

“Right Here, Right Now” by Jesus Jones

“Wind of Change” by the Scorpions

“Crazy” by Seal

Finally, as with all such significant historical events, people are still debating what the real outcome of it was.

random song o’ the moment

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One of the timeless classics… “Solace of You” by Living Colour.

music bits

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More music-related things: Translations of lyrics from foreign artists.  Speculation, and in some cases actual answers, as to the meanings of songs.  And what seems to be every American TV theme song known to man.