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so after several years of dormancy, i figured i should actually attempt to do something with this site again. blogging is pretty popular these days, but since i don’t currently have much time for writing lengthy bits of prose, i figure i’ll just type in a random paragraph every now and then… most likely just quick notes about interesting places that i find during my normal travels about the web. i’ll try to keep them fairly well sorted into the (arbitrary and subject to change) categories listed on the right. the ever-popular photo gallery is also here, of course. if you have any comments, please contact me:





first californian, then texan, then part-time floridian, now californian again.


stuff i do for a living — networking (terrestrial, wireless, satellite, space), system administration (freebsd, mac os x, linux, windows), programming (perl, c, php, labview)

stuff i’m reasonably knowledgeable about — travel, bay area scenery, music (guitars, composing, recording), geography, history, politics, mentoring

stuff i know a little something about — photography, music (keyboards, bass, mandolin, assorted instruments from other cultures), bicycles, poetry, cooking, art, home repair, architecture, spanish, philosophy, all-terrain vehicles, snowmobiles

stuff i’m still picking up — amateur radio, sewing, environmental science, anthropology, programming (python)

stuff i haven’t gotten to yet, but want to learn about — archaeology, geology, linguistics, carpentry, flying, cross-country skiing

stuff i used to know, but have gotten rusty — programming (pascal, fortran, basic, lisp), latin, quantum mechanics, drawing

random nouns that i may have in common with you (if so, holler!):

music living colour, midnight oil, enya, jimi hendrix, justin adams and juldeh camara, rodrigo y gabriela, ali farka touré, yothu yindi, angélique kidjo, kaki king, mystic, outkast, khumbula, rolling stones, black sabbath, alice in chains, mozart, khaled, rachid taha, delerium, cirque du soleil, police, sarah mclachlan, sinead o’connor, gipsy kings, mediaeval baebes, keali’i reichel, res, sistas in the pit, tears for fears, fugees, fine young cannibals, metallica, gnarls barkley, 10000 maniacs, sun ra, amel larrieux, depeche mode, bill withers, live, lynyrd skynyrd, neneh cherry, klf, tom petty, zucchero

television cosby show, boondocks, chappelle’s show, mystery science theater 3000, star trek ds9/tng, dangermouse, vh-1 soul, max headroom, def poetry slam, iron chef, star blazers, family guy, afro samurai

movies 2001, neverending story, drop squad, princess bride, malcolm x, rabbit-proof fence, what dreams may come, when we were kings, smoke signals, fear of a black hat, strange days, tank girl, snatch, batman begins, bubba ho-tep, lost in translation, the life aquatic with steve zissou, serenity, superbad, american beauty, city of god, donnie darko, citizen kane, the truman show, v for vendetta, fargo, the triplets of belleville, dave, ghost dog, c.s.a.: the confederate states of america, catch me if you can, pan’s labyrinth, inglorious basterds, star trek, the hangover, inception, mr. smith goes to washington

books the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy series, last chance to see, the white boy shuffle, the ender’s game series, the alchemist, the renaissance soul, a right to be hostile, parable of the sower, bloom county babylon, you are being lied to, the world almanac

travels south africa, zimbabwe, botswana, morocco, kenya, tanzania, uganda, australia, japan, uae, uk, france, spain, portugal, italy, the vatican, switzerland, germany, belgium, canada, mexico, cayman islands, colombia, guatemala, costa rica, the united nations, and all 50 of the united states